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Set over a 20-year period in the hilly region of Nepal, No Mountain Too High tells the story of the Tamang people living in Tawal. It gives them a voice in a development partnership that helped them triumph over social and economic disadvantage, and a devastating earthquake. 

In the late 1990s, Lloyd Magalinski was Vice-President of a volunteer-run charity in Brisbane⎯the Nepal Australia Friendship Association (NAFA). On being persuaded by Tawal native, Chandra Tamang, to visit his village, the evolution of a development partnership with NAFA began.

Although a Maoist insurgency then made local travel too dangerous, a peace declaration in 2006 allowed NAFA members, Rod and Deborah Setterlund, to revive the relationship. Using a community-development approach, the education, health, environmental, and economic outcomes were significantly improved over the ensuing years.


Then, on 25 April 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, its epicentre just 25 km west of Tawal. In minutes, 78 lives were lost and infrastructure destroyed. The villagers’ determination to survive and rebuild is truly inspirational. A second, market-system focused development framework, guides the economic recovery phase.


If you are a curious traveller, community-development practitioner, have an interest in Nepal, remote village life, or the experiences of communities recovering from disaster, No Mountain Too High will impact, educate and inspire readers.

No Moutain Too High

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